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Sculpt &  Define your Butt and Hips with Maca 3, a powerful addition to the Aguaje that would help you to enhance your sexy curves !

What is Maca 3 ? 

Maca 3 is a Unique Maca product for Women who want to focus their progress while using the Aguaje into the Butt and Hips zone. Maca 3 combines 3 particular Maca kinds: Red, Black and yellow each one with special benefits to enhance your beauty and bring more energy on your daily activities or intense work out !

Capsules & Powder

Maca 3 is available Two Presentations : Capsules (Pills) and Powder. Remember you can mix the Maca Powder with any Fruit juice, Protein Shake or any other beverages , here are some recipes.

How to Combine it ?

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