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Fit C

Start Burning Fat since the 1st week with Fit C , A completely natural weight loss product based on the amazing Camu Camu Fruit

How it Works?
Camu Camu is well known as the fruit with the Highest Natural Vitamin C which is essential for proper fat metabolism,  lower levels are linked with increased weight and higher waist measurement. 


Fit C and Flat Belly ,Without sufficient vitamin C, your body is unable to use stored fat. Your body is still producing fatty tissue for energy, but is unable to use it. This causes a buildup of fat, especially in the tummy and waist areas so Fit C will help you to have enough Vitamin C for a Slim Curvy Body!

Fit C has also 2 essential Aminoacids which are found in Camu Camu : Valine and Leucineboth of these important nutrients can come only from  supplements since our bodies can’t produce them. These 2 aminoacids are highly involved in muscle growing, so you really need them to develop curves in the Butt and Hips area when taking Aguaje and Maca combination (Valine is vital for the muscle metabolism and the growth of muscle tissue and Leucine stimulates the production of growth hormone)

So if now you are wondering Why is Fit C better than orange juice or Acerola or any other fruit with Vitamin C??? Well Orange juice has lots of sugar and any other fruit in the world does not beat the amount of  Active Vitamin C that Camu Camu has PLUS it has so many other nutrients that helps to build Sexy Curves !

How to Combine it ?

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