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Curvy Fruitthe Original Aguaje Capsules / Pills  and Powder products since 2010 gives you a 100 % Natural Way to enhanced your Butt, Breast and Hips in a short time ! Curvy Fruit  brings you a completely Natural solution with other complementary supplements like : Maca, Black Maca, Wild Hinojo and Fit C ,  all of them specially made for helping you to achieve the Desired Bikini Body !

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How to combine our Curvy Products?

For Bigger Butt & Hips combine the Aguaje capsules or Powder with Maca 3 to achieve the Bikini Booty that you always Desired, add Black Maca 3 to maximize the results after 3 months of taking the regular Maca 3. For getting more Volume to your Breast area combine Aguaje with Wild Hinojo and get a Natural Breast lifting! Finally, if you want to Shape and Develop all your curves ...take the 3 together !

Good Bye Belly Fat

Add the New Fit C to any combination of Aguaje, Maca 3, Black Maca 3 or Wild Hinojo and Start Burning that undesired belly Fat since the 1st Week ! Check  for all the available combinations in the Buy NOW section, we have a product for your Sexy Curves !

It means not only that  you will have beautiful curves, but you will have beautiful hair, a younger skin and also thicker nails. Vitamins E and C from Aguaje  are also antioxidants which means, you will have a healthy immune system as well ! also Maca3 and Black Maca3 will  give you a lot of extra Energy and stamina for your Daily Activities so you will get a whole set of natural solutions to your body

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